World Welcomes Mubarak Resignation

Countries around the world are welcoming the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, after weeks of pressuring the leader to make swift reforms.

In the Middle East, jubilation erupted in Gaza as Palestinians celebrated Mr. Mubarak’s resignation.  Hamas hailed the resignation as start of an “Egyptian revolution.”

In Israel, a top official told VOA that Mr. Mubarak’s resignation’s is a “pivotal moment” in Egypt’s history.  The official said Israel hopes there is a peaceful and smooth transition of power.

The official said Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt must be preserved as an “anchor to stability” in the region.

The European Union Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton said Mr. Mubarak’s decision to step down shows he has listened to the voice of the Egyptian people and put the future of the country in their hands.  She is now calling for “accelerated dialogue” that will create a government that fulfills the aspirations of the people.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls Mr. Mubarak’s decision to hand power to the military a “historic change” for Egypt.



I, for one, am very excited about this! This is a perfect example of grass-roots change. I hope the success of the Egyptian people inspires other oppressed peoples in the region and around the world to demand change. It goes to show that we all have the power to determine our fate. I wonder how we will use this power here in the U.S.

A democracy is born! Viva la Revolution!!!



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