Street Theater

Check out the pics from last week’s street theater performance!

2 Responses to “Street Theater”

  1. Rebecca Lewis Says:

    I think you guys are hypocrites making much ado about one people and ignoring the other who have for eons been tortured and persecuted. This isn’t a one sided issue. And your approach to it dismantles your arguement. Your own lives must be very empty. HOwever thank God for our liberty of free speech. More power to that at least, if not for the ignorance of the approach to your cause.

  2. Debbie Espen Says:

    Becky, as I have been telling you, the “other” were persecuted in the past, but now they are being the persecutors. It is we who see both sides, and you who are being one-sided. And Becky, if you would let yourself actually investigate what is happening, you would not be the one in ignorance. And to say our lives are empty is just silliness – is that the best you can do? Open your eyes dear friend, investigate, and then you will see why we must make “much ado” about the plight of the people of Palestine.

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