Vigil for Gaza on Sunday

Mothers Across the World Offer their Condolences to Mothers in Gaza

This vigil is part of a global solidarity event taking place across the Middle East, Europe, the US and Canada, marking the 40th day commemoration of the first child killed in recent Israeli attacks. (The 40th day marks an important day of mourning in the Arab world.)

Synchronized events are taking place around the world in:
Amman, Beirut, Ballybofey-Ireland, Derry, Dubai, Edmonton-Alberta, Helsinki, Manchester-UK, Nablus and Palo Alto-CA and other places.

Men, women and children are invited to join us as we offer our support and condolences to the mothers of Gaza. We will be reading the names of more than four hundred children killed by Israel’s attack on Gaza.

This event is organized under the auspices of ‘Mothers Across the World for Gaza’, but you don’t have to be a mother to take part.

We invite everyone from Idaho who wants to express their support for the people of Gaza to come along on Sunday. Whether it is to listen, or to share in the reading of the names, everyone will be welcome to take part.

Wear black, bring a candle, make a banner, and stand up against the crimes committed in Gaza.


When: Sunday February 8, 2009
Time: 6:30pm
Where: Boise City Hall- 150 N Capitol Blvd Boise, ID 83702 (on the corner of Capitol and Main Street)
Why: To show our solidarity and support for those suffering in Gaza. To remember the hundreds of children that needlessly died in the recent violence.


Contact: Lama Nasser 208.230.1150

2 Responses to “Vigil for Gaza on Sunday”

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  2. Hamas is a terror group.

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