Open letter to Minnesotan Senator Amy Klobuchar about Gaza


31 December 2008

Senator Klobuchar,

I lived in the Palestinian West Bank town of Ramallah for four years and know very well that Palestinians are just like us. The international media, which is based almost exclusively in Israeli-controlled territory, doesn’t focus on humanity–only the bloody tragedies that boost ratings. As a result, we are dangerously left with demonizing, two-dimensional portraits of real human beings.

It is completely unacceptable for any so-called civilized nation to issue wishy-washy statements of “concern” when another country is blatantly carrying out massacres of the innocent, targeting a tiny area–the most densely populated area of the Middle East–with bombs and missiles, as children get out of school.

Israel is not our friend when it kills innocents. Israel is not our friend when it has refused for decades to alter one inch of its 100-year trajectory of colonization. Israel is not our friend, period. It is an addicted acquaintance with a relentless crack-like habit of murder. We let it drive drunk on the highway in a car that says MADE IN USA on it. We enable all of this. If they indeed “hate us”, we deserve every single ounce of that hatred because of what we have done.

Let me remind you that before Hamas was elected, its military wing Izzadine Al-Kassam had practiced a year-and-a-half of unilateral ceasefire, which our buddies from Fatah certainly could not claim. And then we stood by while Israel arrested half of the democratically- elected parliament. Now, by no means for the first time, Israel is systematically destroying the infrastructure of Gaza. We have stood by for years as Israel continues an obvious pattern of the slaughter of innocents. And we armed Fatah in the post election period to murder those who the Palestinian people used to kick its corrupt-to-the- core body politic out of power.

What have we become with our support of Israel? We didn’t even shrink from sending cluster bombs to Israel even after it systematically bombed bridges and massacred fleeing civilians in the 2006 Lebanon War. Who are we these days? We look more like Jeffrey Dahmer or Timothy McVeigh in the mirror than Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty. We have used the excuse of terrorism to become terrorism incarnate.

Israel’s future is as doomed as Apartheid South Africa’s was, as surely as night follows day. For that matter, so is America’s future, as long as we continue to sponsor dictators and carry out wars under false flags of “democracy”. We have spent all our money on killing. We quickly expended the gigantic pile of political goodwill that was offered to us in the aftermath of 9/11 by choosing to deal out more death, instead of seeking peace with people we had already secretly been at war with directly and through proxies for a decade.

In the last quarter century, America has steadily progressed towards its current status in the Middle East as a rogue nation that poses a threat to freedom and peace, and which clearly doesn’t even give a fig about anything in its own founding documents. America has no integrity anymore. Genuinely civilized nations snicker at us, even as they tiptoe around us in fear.

Are you going to do anything to stop the blatant slaughter in Gaza or has working in Israeli-occupied territory in Washington DC bound your hands from carrying out even a single act of decency in foreign policy? We have been led by people like yourself onto a very dangerous path that has already brought the war within our borders. It’s long past time that you stopped endangering us further.


Nigel Parry
Minneapolis, MN

Note: After a successful December 30th rally and press conference denouncing Israel’s attacks on the people of Gaza, protesters in Minneapolis demanded to meet with Sen. Klobuchar and called for an end to U.S. military aid to Israel. Over 40 protesters occupied a conference room in her office, and refused to leave until she had heard their concerns. After an hour, she agreed to meet with them.

Source: http://nigelparry. com/news/ letter-to- senator-klobucha r.shtml

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