Letters to the Editor- published in the Statesman


Israel’s bomb attacks are crimes against humanity

The situation in Gaza is beyond a humanitarian crisis. It is now beyond a humanitarian catastrophe. It is a full-blown massacre. I say shame on the Israeli government for dropping bombs on the open-air prison of Gaza and the children of Gaza. Out of the 1.5 million people living in the concentration camp of Gaza, roughly half of them are children. Dropping bombs on schools is a crime against humanity, at the very least.

It is imperative that a cease fire is established and that the international community intervenes immediately. Of course, the manipulated media continues to spew the Zionist rhetoric, that Israel’s army is only targeting the “great fighters” of Hamas.

Free Gaza!


U.S. leaders should act to end violence in Gaza

The Idaho Peace Coalition strongly condemns Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian people living in the Gaza Strip. We also condemn the aggression of Hamas by their ongoing missile strikes into Israel.

We call on the president, Congress and the American people to immediately use their influence to stop this campaign of terror. We recognize that without the military and political support of our government and American tax dollars, Israel would not be as emboldened to continue their attacks. Our direct and indirect complicity in this war cannot be denied.

Israel is committing grave violations of international conventions against the use of collective punishment, and committing violations of the Geneva Conventions regarding the responsibility of an Occupying Power to protect an Occupied Population. The disproportionate nature of recent military attacks in themselves violates International Laws of engagement.

The Idaho Peace Coalition calls upon President-elect Obama and Idaho’s congressional delegation to enforce international laws to which our country is a signatory. Americans must speak out strongly against these mindless acts of violence and moral failure. All combatants must conduct an immediate cease fire and resume conflict resolution in a respectful dialogue and peace-seeking negotiations.

JOHN C. MCMAHON, U.S. Army retired, Idaho Peace Coalition volunteer, Boise


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