Gaza Death toll: 286…and counting

The Israeli Air Force shelled on Sunday morning a Palestinian security compound in Gaza that includes a prison, and other security centers. At least four Palestinians were killed, and several others were wounded. The number of casualties of the ongoing Israeli offensive since Friday has reached a total of 286, including many women and children.
The bombarded center is an old modified building that was used by the British troop during the era of the British Occupation in Palestine. The building, known as Al Saraya includes government offices, security offices and a prison.

The number of casualties is most likely to increase as there are more Palestinians buried under the rubble. Shortly before the center was shelled, the Israeli air force shelled Jabalia and a target in northern Gaza, killing two Palestinians and wounding several others.

This latest Israeli offensive started at noon on Saturday; at least 286 Palestinians have been killed and more than 900 wounded. The number of casualties is expected to increase, especially since dozens of wounded Palestinians are in critical condition, and the siege has already drained Gaza hospitals of basic medical supplies/ Dozens of civilian homes and facilities as well as the police headquarters and civil society institutions were also shelled.

On Sunday morning, the Israeli Army shelled a medical storage facility in Rafah, and a truck carrying fuel. At least three were killed and several others were wounded.

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