Words from Palestine

By Mazin

The past week in the Holy Land was emblematic of life in an occupied and scarred land: full of good people doing good things and of misguided foolish people doing evil and foolish things.  What we choose to emphasize in our hearts and minds determines how we behave in response and if we behave in ways to make things better (rather than complaining), then we have contributed what we can.

This week we commemorate the assassination of a decent man, Count Bernadotte by Zionist forces in Palestine.  Those who ordered his assassination and oversaw it became Israeli prime ministers even though this head of the Swedish Red Cross saved countless Jews in WWII.

This week we also commemorated the despicable massacre  committed by  Zionist financed and trained militias in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila. See my review of the most authoritative book on this massacre

This week also marked the election of Tzipi Livni to lead Kadima.  Livni is the daughter of the terrorist commander who bombed the King David Hotel
Livni served in the dreaded Mossad (an Israeli death squad organization masquerading as an “intelligence service”).  After getting into professional suits as a “diplomat” Livni became like Goebbles, master at spin.  As a foreign minister she would say things like “We want it to be clear it was not a deliberate attack because Israel would never target a UN force. It is not part of our policies; it is not part of our values” When the UN and everyone else (including her) know it is a lie.  Robert Fisk wrote for example about the massacre at Qana by Israeli forces: “Qana, southern Lebanon – It was a massacre. Not since Sabra and Chatila had I seen the innocent slaughtered like this. The Lebanese refugee women and children and men lay in heaps, their hands or arms or legs missing, beheaded or disemboweled. There were well over a hundred of them. A baby lay without a head. The Israeli shells had scythed through them as they lay in the United Nations shelter, believing that they were safe under the world’s protection. Like the Muslims of Srebrenica, the Muslims of Qana were wrong. In front of a burning building of the UN’s Fijian battalion headquarters, a girl held a corpse in her arms, the body of a grey- haired man whose eyes were staring at her, and she rocked the corpse back and forth in her arms, keening and weeping and crying the same words over and over: ‘My father, my father.’ A Fijian UN soldier stood amid a sea of bodies and, without saying a word, held aloft the body of a headless child. ‘The Israelis have just told us they’ll stop shelling the area”, a UN soldier said, shaking with anger.’…”

But we also see daily great actions. I worked and visited with people protecting nature, ringing birds, teaching students in various fields, participating in a meeting with Israelis towards peace (a joint Iftar/Shabat event), nonviolently resisting the apartheid walls, flocking to pass to Jerusalem for prayers on the third Friday in Ramadan (200,000 prayed inside and tens of thousands prayed at the checkpoints and outside the walls), developing permaculture operations,  volunteering at healthcare facilities, documenting Israeli violations of human rights, feeding the hungry, and planning many more actions for justice and peace.  People of all backgrounds doing great things.


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